Links for my (brief) project introduction at our Association of Asian Studies Roundtable on Saturday, March 29th, entitled “Charting the Digital in Asian Studies: Promises, Realities, and the Future of Teaching and Research”: — the website created by my sophomore methods colloquium at the University of Mary Washington (Fall 2013) History 297 – course […]

“A Construction Engineer’s Thoughts on the Sichuan Earthquake” blog post by “Book Blade” – link [accessed 31 March 2013] Nanking Massacre Project – Special Collections, Yale Divinity School Library – Ai Weiwei on Twitter (Chinese): @aiww    (English): @aiwwenglish “Who’s Afraid of Ai WeiWei” — Frontline documentary (PBS) Fan Xiao, “Did the Zipingpu Dam Trigger […]

In a recent brainstorming session for a panel on global studies that we’re organizing for UMW’s upcoming Faculty Academy, Joe Calpin tossed out a simple question, namely “How can we bring what’s happening over there over here?” Deceptively simple, this question seems the perfect starting point and will be the focus for our panel discussion. […]

UMW’s Faculty Academy returns this week with its ever-creative exchanges on the topic of scholarly and curricular endeavors that utilize digital tools. I’ll be participating in a discussion panel that Jeff McClurken (who is devoting himself to no less than four panels and discussions, as rumor has it…) has generously organized. Titled “Digital Fluency, Online […]

Links shared in my presentation for the DTLT UMW Blogs Web 2.0 Kickoff Forum (3.10.10): “Toys as History” 1st Year Seminar course blog: Chinese History Sources Site (work in progress): a. Introduction to the Project – b. Chinese History Sources Site (under construction) – UMW History Department News Site — Personal […]